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"Meet My Character" Blog Hop

I was invited to this "Meet My Character” blog hop by author M. Leigh Marrott. M. Leigh’s Bio: Author M. Leigh Marrott has been coloring the world with her stories since she could talk... just like those pesky aliens used to color her walls at night when she was four. The first poem she actually wrote down was at the age of eleven as she grumbled about cleaning. When she was in high school, her quirky English teacher submitted M. Leigh’s poetry to a local paper and, to the author’s dismay, it was published. In March 2013, she had a collection of haikus published in EFiction Magazine. She is a contributor to The Liahona Project and Just An Average Mormon. M. Leigh is also a contributing author for the new YA Paranormal anthology, “Strange and Lovely” which now available for pre-order at Currently, M. Leigh is working on tidying up her first full-length novel for publication in early 2015. Born and raised in Indiana, as an adult M. Leigh married a military man and has moved 11 times in their nearly fifteen years together. They are the parents of four children, and though their military life is over, they love living in patriotic Texas. M. Leigh has degrees in Criminal Justice, Social Work and Psychology and finds the human condition and relationships fascinating. She also adores baking anything chocolate, taking long road trips in the family Suburban, and having totally geeked out movie marathons. You can read her “Meet My Character” blog post on her blog at Websites: Facebook: Twitter: Goodreads:
Now for my character interview!

What is the name of your character? 
Hanna Elliot
Is he/she fictional or a historic person? 
Fictional, based on Anne Elliot from Persuasion
When and where is the story set? 
Modern-day New England coast, Connecticut to be exact
What should we know about him/her? 
She has a bad habit of being a door mat, and never got over her first love.
What is the main conflict? 
On the first vacation she's taken in years, she runs into her first love . . . who is unfortunately falling for someone else right in front of her.
What messes up his/her life? 
The fact that she has to face Derick Wentworth again . . . and the realization that her feelings haven't aged in the last decade.
What is the personal goal of the character? 
To finally get over Derick
Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it? 
When can we expect the book to be published?
Persuaded was published in July of 2014. Now available!

This character blog hop continues with Lisa Swinton:

Lisa Swinton
Lisa Swinton caught the romance bug early by way of fairy tales and hasn’t been able to cure it since. Instead, she feeds her addiction with romance novels and films. In between being a doctor’s wife and mother of two, she occasionally puts her B.A. in Musical Theater to good use via community theater and church choir. In her elusive spare time she enjoys researching her family tree and baking (especially with chocolate). She loves to travel, Jane Austen, and all things Italian. In her next life, she plans to be a professional organizer. 

Check out Lisa's first novel, Fallen Angel:

And her new release, Ring On Her Finger:

You can visit her at:

Lisa will be posting her character interview on Monday, September 22nd on her blog:

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